The Horses



Bay mare, 16.1hh, born 2004 by No Limits.


Zin was my first horse purchased as a 4 yr old.  She began eventing in 2010 and completed her first Intermediate age 7.


A very sensitive mare who loves to please.  She's a bit of a diva on the yard!


Current Status: Competing Intermediate.



Bay mare, 16hh, born 2007 by Seigneur d’Alleray.


Pip is our first broodmare.  She is exceptionally bred with her dam, Erbium, being the lead mare at Badminton 4* and short listed for the Olympics.  Her sire is a TB Grand Prix dressage stallion.  She has previously bred 3 lovely foals so we are excited about our future breeding programme.


Current Status: Having a year off from foaling



Dark Bay gelding, 17.1hh, born 2006 by VDL Tenerife


Bugs is the cheeky character of the yard!  His life revolves around food and treats.  He's very laid back and he hates hard work!


He was gelded, bought and imported from Holland aged 4 by Aimee, competed BE100 as a 5 year old before having a year off to grow.


Current Status: Competing Novice

The Scrounger


Bay mare, born 2018 by Exclusive and out of Trespen


Our second gorgeous filly out of Pip.  She's much smaller than big sister Lexi and has the most white of all the horses on the yard.  Her favourite thing is to eat whilst lying down in the field and to have a good scratch on the wind turbine!


Current Status: Cute and cheeky

The Forger

Bay mare, Born May 2017 by Exclusive and out of Trepsen


Known as Lexi, she is our very first homebred and as such very special little lady!  She has the longest legs and just the right amount of attitude so we have high hopes of her 4* potential!


Current Status: Growing at a ridiculous rate and being the most laid back yearling in the world



Grey Mare, 14.2hh, born 1994, breeding unknown.


Keida is by far the grumpiest pony ever!  Most commonly seen with her ears flat back, she has previously show jumped to 1.25m and competed at the final of SJOTY no less than 3 times.


In December 2015 the yard lost the wonderful little 14.2 hero.  She has taught many people a thing or two about jumping and whilst she will be sadly missed, she will be lovingly remembered.

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